Sauk County and Baraboo: Volume IV

Sauk County and Baraboo: Volume IV, by Robert C. "Bob" Dewel, D.D.S. covers articles written from 2009-2012.  All articles are .pdf files.

1.      Title Page
2.      Introduction
3.      Table of Contents
4.      The Baraboo Valley's First Visitors
5.      The First Dwelling in Baraboo Rapids
6.      The Most Photographed Buildings in Baraboo
7.      Building Site Excavation Exposes History
8.      Duckins Grave Needs a New Headstone
9.      Duckins Story Told at Grave
10.    Civil War Orders Interrupt a Wedding
11.    Two Strangers Named Robert Cheek
12.    Civil War Centennial Recalls Local Soldiers
13.    Confederate Spy Buried in Dells Cemetery
14.    From a Hops Barn to a Dairy State
15.    Westfield Church has 96th Reunion
16.    A Touch of Baraboo in Cedarburg WI
17.    Fighting an 1871 Fire With Snowballs
18.    The Disastrous Fire of 1872
19.    Another Disastrous Fire, Oak Street, 1878
20.    The Western Hotel, Once Baraboo's Finest
21.    These Men Built Baraboo Brick by Brick
22.    City Quarries Produced Baraboo Stone
23.    Baraboo, a City with No Hotels
24.    1879 Reveals Earlier Industries
25.    Some Legends of Devils Lake
26.    Cannon and Racing Skulls at Devils Lake
27.    Successful Regatta Drew Crowds
28.    Palisades Park Could Have Doomed State Park
29.    Quarry Threatens Devils Lake East Bluff
30.    Fisher Drug Remedy was Stimulating
31.    Tour the Historic Churches of Downtown Baraboo
32.    The See-it-twice Parade of 1900
33.    The Mysterious Cadet Corps of 1912
34.    The First Legal Forward Pass and Baraboo
35.    North Freedom Achiever Born in 1914
36.    Dr. Phil Lange Worked for U.N.
37.    From North Freedom to the Smithsonian
38.    Wetmore Published in National Geographic
39.    There were Many Theaters in 1909
40.    Early Theaters has Orchestras, Live Shows
41.    Al's Will Long, Complicated
42.    96th Birthday Recalls Invoice in 1915
43.    Genteel Baraboo and the "Bloody South"
44.    Additional Ringling Family Facts
45.    A U.S. Senator in Baraboo a Possibility
46.    The Railroad's Importance, Then and Now
47.    WWI Soldiers Received County Medals
48.    Soldiers and Boondoggling in WWI
49.    He Survived WWI Sinking of Tuscania
50.    A Bubbling Brook in Downtown Baraboo?
51.    It's Time to Clear the Writer's Desk
52.    Cleaning the Writers Desk is a Hopeless Project
53.    Rotzell Garage Location Responses Vary
54.    Al. Ringling House Slated for Demolition
55.    A Tragic Day at Devils Lake
56.    It has Always Been The Alpine
57.    Depression Letter Reveals Despair
58.    When the Prodigal Circus Returned
59.    The Four Circuses of Baraboo
60.    Four Circuses of Baraboo, Continued
61.    1937 Aerial Photo Shows Different City
62.    Swimming Pool Softened Hard Times
63.    To New York City on Bicycles
64.    Wartime Letter Left Unopened for 65 Years
65.    The Cedar Box and the Dog Tags
66.    Dozens of Medals, and a Dangerous Assignment
67.    Baraboo Sailor Really Saw the World
68.    Antarctic Diary of Local Sailor
69.    Christmas in Surbourg France, 1944 Part I
70.    Christmas in Surbourg France, 1944 Part II
71.    Former Resident has His Own War Museum
72.    Doldrums, Prosperity, Doldrums, Prosperity
73.    Was Badger Important in WWII?
74.    Dismal Outlook Looms as WWII Ends
75.    World War II Ends, Baraboo Survives
76.    Cannery Products Went World-Wide
77.    Don Rodewald and the Korean Conflict
78.    The Badger Honor Flight Program
79.    Ad Hoc Group Spurs Recreation in 1931
80.    Recreation Programs, 1931 to 2012
81.    Broadway Gas Stations, from 8 to only 1
82.    Horses Don't Spook While on West Bluff
83.    Van Cliburn, Other Celebrities Played Baraboo
84.    The Day Liberace Played Baraboo
85.    Where in the World is Langer Park
86.    It was Langer Park Versus Fourth Street
87.    1985 Paper Reflects Different Era
88.    Ever-Changing Views of the Courthouse Lawn
89.    Popcorn Wagons a Tradition
90.    The Tallest Building in Baraboo
91.    Baraboo Seeks Help in 1975
92.    The Benches of the Riverwalk
93.    Memorial Day and Veterans Day-They are Different
94.    Booksmith Offers Challenging Menu
95.    The Grotesques of Sauk County
96.    Classical Sculpture Rare in Sauk County
97.    Devils Lake, the Railroad, and Floods
98.    A City Park Restored, Renamed
99.    Charles Beardsley and Private Perkins
100.  Circus World, 1959 to 2012
101.  Theater Author Praises Ringling Theater
102.  There's Something about the Word Baraboo
103.  More Uses of the Catchy Word Baraboo
104.  Census Shows Steady Growth
105.  How Baraboo Honors its Citizens
106.  Personal Musings on the 21st Century
107.  Christmas in 1912, 1962, 2012 Compared
108.  The Future Benefactors of Baraboo (1997 Story)
109.  Comments Today on the 1997 Story
110.  Index

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