Library Expansion Project

Library Construction Update (November 30, 2021)

We are pleased to share the good news that our loan from the USDA has been approved! We will now be able to move forward with the library expansion project.  We will be working with the project team on a new timeline, which we will share when it is finalized. Thank you for your continued support in this project.

Library Needs You to Get Loud One More Time! (early October 2021)

We were notified recently that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) - Rural Development office, the group processing our loan application for the library expansion, is requesting a public hearing to show that there is public support for the library expansion project. The public hearing has been scheduled for Thursday, October 14.

We know that many library supporters cannot make it to a public hearing. There is a wonderful way you can show your support for the expansion project that will be both convenient for you and very useful evidence of community backing: Send an email!

Email your support for the project to Pat Cannon, Executive Director of the Baraboo Community Development Authority, who is the city official who is overseeing expansion project funds. He will share the emails with the USDA.

Send your supportive emails to: by Monday, October 11.

The email just needs to be a few sentences expressing your support for the project and asking for the loan approval. Thank you!


Baraboo Public Library Expansion Project Gets Historic Preservation Approval

JULY 14, 2020 – The Baraboo Public Library passed a key milestone in its expansion process last month when the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), a state-level arm of the National Park Service’s National Register of Historic Places, approved the final architectural concept for the expanded library design. With this hurdle crossed, the City of Baraboo’s application for a $6 million loan for a portion of the building project through the United States Department of Agriculture can move forward. Read entire article (PDF)

Revised floor plans reflecting requirements for SHPO approval - Part 1

Revised floor plans reflecting requirements for SHPO approval - Part 2


Baraboo Public Library Expansion Project: What You Can Do to Help NOW


Presentation to Baraboo Common Council on 5-28-2019

Get Loud for the Library Initiative

Read the case for expansion in 2021:

Tour of the Library Expansion Conceptual Drawings

We have developed a video guided tour of the architects' three conceptual drawings. Please watch the video and then share with us your opinion about which design would best help the library serve the community. Comment on our Facebook page, on comment cards available in the adult department of the library, or by emailing our director, Jessica Bergin, at jessica(at)baraboopubliclibrary(dot)org.

Library Facts from the Library Kid-2


Mary Bowers Speaks up for the Baraboo Public Library


Taxpayer Talk from the Library Kid


Lacey Steffes Speaks Up for the Baraboo Public Library


Customer Service from the Library Kid


Anna Krause Speaks Up for the Baraboo Public Library


Library Facts from the Library Kid


Strategic Plan

Fo more information on the project and supporting documents, visit the Building Project Archive.