Sauk County and Baraboo: Volume V

Sauk County and Baraboo: Volume V, by Robert C. "Bob" Dewel, D.D.S. covers the author's final stories from 2012-2014.  All articles are .pdf files.

1.    Introduction
2.    Table of Contents
3.    Settlers Wanted Railroad, Railroad Wants Money
4.    The Railway Bridge at Merrimack
5.    Baraboo Pioneered Baseball in 1866
6.    A Proud Day in Reedsburg, Dec. 6, 1873
7.    Sauk County's Claim to Time Magazine Covers
8.    Another Famous Architect in our Midst
9.    Barton's Golden Voice Sings Again Sunday
10.  Theater Guild, Opal, and Liberace Too
11.  1949 Ringling Route Book is Revealing
12.  VE Day in Baraboo in 1945 was Muted
13.  Blister Gunner Parachuted into Japan
14.  Cpl. Baumgarten and a Peace Park in Japan
15.  So When Do You Celebrate VJ Day
16.  A Hospital in Ochsner Park?  In 1919?
17.  Ochsner Park Zoo Began in 1926
18.  The Amazing Waters of Sauk County
19.  Glacier May Have Created Parfrey's Glen
20.  Pewit's Nest and Falls, and Hoot Owl Hollow
21.  A Natural Bridge in the Midwest?
22.  Baraboo Fifty Years Ago, Part One of a Series
23.  Fifty Progressive Years in Baraboo
24.  The Greater Baraboo that the City Can Become
25.  What Baraboo May Be Like in 50 Years
26.  Even a Newspaper Column has a History
27.  Index

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