Sauk County and Baraboo: Volume III

Sauk County and Baraboo: Volume III, by Robert C. "Bob" Dewel, D.D.S. covers the 1940s to 2009.

1 .   Title Page (117.08 KB pdf)
2.    The 1940s--pages 809 to 859 (4.03 KB pdf)
3.    The 1950s--pages 860 to 928 (3.75 MB pdf)
4.    The 1960s--pages 929 to 988 (5.03 MB pdf)
5.    The 1970s--pages 989 to 1052 (5.97 MB pdf)
6.    The 1980s--pages 1053 to 1086 (2.99 MB pdf)
7.    The 1990s--pages 1087 to 1125 (2.55 MB pdf)
8.    2000 to 2009, Plus Miscellaneous--pages 1126 to 1189 (3.93 MB pdf)
9.    Special Acknowledgments (99.52 KB pdf)
10.  Limited Topical Reference Guide (116.01 KB pdf)
11.  Index (765.83 KB pdf)
12.  End of Section 1 (49.53 KB pdf)

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