Resources for Gardeners



Protecting our Pollinators—It's Important for Everyone!


Sauk County Pollinator Protection Resources

Extension Sauk County University of Wisconsin-Madison has a webpage rich in information to help people learn about the value of pollinators and the perils they face.


Monarch Butterfly Conservation

Journey North citizen science program

The Monarch Larva Monitoring Project

Monarch Joint Venture to protect monarch migration​

Contact Karen Oberhauser if you have questions about Monarch biology or conservation: koberhauser [at]

View the 2020 video by Dr. Oberhauser about Monarch Butterfly Biology and Conservation at the Library YouTube channel:





Bumble Bee Conservation

Bumble Bee Conservation – Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

Rusty-patched bumble bee identification

Contact Susan Carpenter if you have questions about Bumble Bee Conservation:


View the video on Bumble Bee Conservation featuring Susan Carpenter on the library YouTube channel:



Extension Sauk County UW-Madison: A valuable resource for gardeners