Summer Reading Program 2023

Summer Reading 2023: Baraboo is Better Together

Download and read the full brochure here.


This summer, we invite readers of all ages to consider that by sharing in experiences, we can better understand each other and help make Baraboo a better place. Readers of all ages are invited to participate in our Summer Reading Program...a BINGO card where you check off books and activities as you complete them. For each row (up to 5) you will receive a raffle ticket to enter into a wide variety of  prizes, from gift cards, local activities, electronics, toys, and much more! There will be something for everybody.


There will be no extra prizes for a blackout this year.

All possible prizes can be achieved by completing any five rows. 

Small prizes will also be awarded at milestone rows along the way.

Stop into the library for your BINGO card beginning on June 12.


In addition to our BINGO card, there are many programs for all ages this summer. Check out the brochure, and call the library 608-356-6166 to register.

You may also register online.

Please note, some programs have limited space, and not all programs require registration.